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    The locked extension 'X' can not be disabled


      Hey guys, new to Mac, new to Adobe but, this is the way pros get it done so I'm here. I've just installed Adobe CS6, registered, and ran the Adobe Update Manager. Everything seemed to go fine but the Adobe Extension Manager (AEM) did have some complaints. Here's one of them:


      "The locked extension 'CompFontMgr' can not be disabled."


      The same message was also displayed for: INXCore, IME, Links, Path Type, Spelling Service, Table Model, and Text Editor Model. 


      In the AEM, I searched for and found the CompFontMgr. These are the stats:

      Enabled: checked

      Name: locked

      Version: (everything else seems to be this version as well)


      Being new to the Adobe suite and Macs in general, I don't yet know what I don't know. Can someone help me to understand what this means?


      Thanks in advance,