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    The extension does not contain a valid signature


      hey guys, newbie on deck!


      So, after installing CS6 I ran the Adobe Update Manger. During the update the Adobe Extension Manager (AEM) fired off and began updating as well. One error I saw was:


      The extension 'Adobe_Flash_Professional_Toolkit_for_CreateJS' does not contain a valid signature. The extension will not be installed.


      I'm not sure what this is or what it does but I would like to:

      1. Understand the Adobe ecosystem and
      2. Clear any problems.


      Here's what I do know:

      • The Mac I have is 2 days old and probably in the best shape of its life.
      • I installed CS6 fresh from a DVD.
      • Ran the Adobe Update Manager the next day (today).
      • I don't intend to use Flash.


      If anyone can expain common causes for this behavior and a fix I would greatly appreciate it.


      Thanks in advance,