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    Help with dynmicaly update text in document/s.




      I am working on a project that will require the following.


      I will have a document in InDesign, everything will be formated - lets say a template. I will need a multiple instances of a certain word (let call it "word A") that is available in the document to be replaced with another word (lets call it "word B"). I will need the text to adjust accodringly to the lenght of the "word B", because  "word B" will be in different sentances and different in lenght to "word A". Also "word B" will be a different word every time we change the document. I can use find and replace, but I am looking for another option, change it in one place in a way that will update the document.


      Conditional formating my be an option, but I can not find a way to set word A as a condition and update all instances at once.


      Is there a way to do this?


      Also is there an option to have an external text file, where I will list "word B" and the document will update with that word, placing it either where "word A" was or at a predefined place within a sentance - I need the sentance to look natural so it must adjust according to the lenght of the word.


      The best option for me will be to have the above happen automatically. I have the indesign file with images text, etc..and prepare an external list of words (word B) and for each word in the document have indesign generate a separete indesign document, which then can be exported and printed.



      Thanks in advance.