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    Ray-traced 3D text extrusion

    Jack Banatoni Level 1

      I'm trying out the new text extrusion options in AE CS6.  Every time I make a change to the text, AE is running incredibly slowly to re-draw the composition.  This is simply basic text on a solid background - just trying out the feature.  Am I missing a check box or something to speed up the re-draw?  Ray-trace quality set to 3, anti-alias is "box".  I'd like to be able to work with text easily so I can polish the overall look in a final composition.


      Win 7 Pro 64-bit

      Production Premium CS6 (latest updates)

      16GB memory

      2GB GTX 560 Ti GPU

      i7-2600K CPU

      programs - 120GB SSD

      media - 7200rpm 1.5TB drive