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    CS6 Fireworks "Copy Up Graphic"


      In using Adobe's  CS6 Fireworks, I am having trouble when creating the states of the buttons following the information given in the Creating Buttons tutorial "Create Button Symbols".  The instructions state that you are to click the "copy up graphic" button.  I am having difficulty finding this button and wonder if it may have been eliminated in the CS6 version.


      Here is what I have done:  Tried to make sure that the properties inspector was showing all information by dragging the box upward to allow options that may have be obscured to be visible .  Checked all preferences, checked all symbols within the flyout box for states.  Read through several tuturials and watched a couple of video tuturials.  Unfortunately, the video tutorials may not have necessarily been CS6. 


      If someone can point out where I may have missed this, I would be most appreciative.  Is there an option somewhere that would allow this to be shown on my property inspector or phrased another way, an option which would discontinue my property inspector from hiding the available options?


      Thank you


      John C

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          Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

          Moved discussion to Fireworks forum. They will be able to help you here.

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            groove25 Level 4

            Double-click the Button Symbol instance on the canvas or in the Document Library in order to edit it. You'll then see its properties in the Properties panel. Now choose a State other than "Up" in the Properties panel, and voila—the "Copy Up Graphic" button will appear, like this:




            Alternatively, you could use the States panel in order to edit the Button Symbol. With the Up state selected, select the items on the canvas that you need to copy to another state, and then choose "Copy to States..." from the panel's fly-out menu (in the upper right-hand corner of the panel):


            States panel.png