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    PrPro vs. FCP timeline audio behavior


      Hi guys. Seems like every day I have a post about the little details I'm still trying to sort out while I ponder the switch over from FCP. Today's topic...


      Audio, specifically, audio in the timeline double-clicked and then opened in the source monitor. In FCP or Avid, when you double click an audio track in the timeline and open it in the source monitor, your playhead ends up in exactly the same position in the opened audio clip as you had it in the timeline.


      Meanwhile in PrPro, I can't seem to find any rhyme or reason as to where my playhead ends up when I open audio from the timeline to the source monitor. Sometimes I'll be working with 5 seconds of audio culled from the beginning of a 5 minute clip, and when I open that clip in the source monitor, my playhead is for some reason smack in the middle of the clip, 3-4 minutes later from the in and out points I want to be finessing.


      What's going on here? Is there a setting that I'm missing? This seems like a pretty basic function of an NLE. If you click on something in the timeline, and load it into the source monitor, you're presumably interested in finessing its in and outs. You shouldn't have to go scrubbing through minutes of footage to get to the part you care about. Do I just have a setting wrong and am griping unfairly?

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          Try Match Frame.  CS6: the F key.  CS5.5 and earlier: the M key.



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            brarble Level 1

            thanks for the reply Jeff, but I'm not sure I follow. Match frame seems to match your playhead in the timeline to its video clip in the source (essentially a shortcut for if you'd clicked on a video clip in the timeline and loaded it into the source).


            But I'm trying to do the equivalent of this but for audio. And right now I can only get match frame to work for video.


            I've realized that the first time I load audio into the source monitor from the timeline, it does actually match my playhead position from the timeline. But then once loaded into the source monitor, it doesn't change to reflect a changed playhead position of timeline, even when double clicked in from the timeline (unlike how PrPro handles video, which is every time you click on it in the timeline, the clip is loaded into the source with the playhead moved to reflect where you've moved in the timeline).

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              Match frame works for any clip in the sequence.


              Of course the Source playhead doesn't change when you move the sequence playhead.  They're two different playheads.  Both video and audio behave the same.


              (By the way, a double click does perform essentially a Match Frame the first time you do it.)