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    Premiere CS6 Crashing after opening project


      After updating Mac OS to 10.8.2 (which I guess one should not do in the middle of a project, but when are we NOT in the middle of one?) and dumping a couple of non-Adobe applications, I now find that each time I open Premiere Pro to access either yesterdays' or the previous day's version of a project, the app quits after getting as far as showing me the project in the timeline: it appears, then it crashes. I've tried:

      dumping preferences;

      un-installing and re-installing Premiere Pro;

      repairing preference files (using command line "fsck -fy" in single-user mode);



      NOTE: It will open a new project and timeline without quitting, which suggests there's something I need to do to the project I want to open, and I did try holding down Command+Option+Shift while restarting Premiere to get new prefs....no luck, it still quit when I tried opening the file(s).


      And I have a deadline of tomorrow!!!! Your suggestions would be most timely.

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          I just found this and wanted to chime in to potentially help anyone else who may be having a similar issue.  I was just about to finish a project and the same issue decribed above was happening to me.  I rectified the problem by creating a new project and importing the project I was having problems with.  I chose to only import the sequence I needed to export.  After it was imported I tried to open it and it crashed again.  So I knew it had to be something in the sequence.  Since I  have never had any problems before this, I analyzed what I had done differently in this project.  Recently I started using adjustment layers to apply my Magic Bullet looks, so I started by deleting that from the browser.  After that everything worked fine.  I have no idea why this worked but I am glad it did.  I think the best advice I can give is to try importing the sequence and deleting elements from the browser that may cause an isssue.