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    Disappearing Cross-referenced Fig #

    Christian Harder Level 1

      I'm revising a long document with a bunch of cross-referenced Figure numbers. In other words each image has a Figure number that looks like this Figure 2-16.Then in the body of the text it refers to the figure like this (Figure 2-16). When I set these up I used Insert--> Cross-refernce all the way through.


      It's been over a year since I worked on this this document, but I thought I still remembered how they were supposed to work.


      So earlier today I had to ADD a Figure (and thus a Figure number), so I simply copied and pasted one of my FigureSequencer text blocks and it pasted in just as I needed it: with the next (correct) Figure Number and all the subsequent figures in the book renumbered. Then when I went to Hyperlinks Panel, clicked Update and all the Cross References updated.


      Then the trouble strated. later on in the book I needed to DELETE a Figure and Figure number. But instead of causing all the subsequent Figures to re-number, the text block disappeared on me and now the Hyperlink panel says my Cross Refernce is on the PB (PB in red).


      What the heck happened? Running InDesign 4 on Mac.

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          Christian Harder Level 1

          I forgot to mention one other clue: when I copy and paste the immediately preceding Figure 2-x text box, it skips the number I expect it to paste and goes to the next one.


          And this is the paragraph style I'm using for the FigureSequencer (if that helps).Screen shot 2012-10-25 at 4.25.17 PM.png

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            Christian Harder Level 1

            I finally figured this out: the text block for the missing figure number was in fact on the Pasteboard as indicated by the red PB in the Hyperlinks panel. All the other wierdness stemmed from this fact. The problem was I couldn't see it because is was almost (but not quite) entirely off the PB. There was literally just a one pixel width line of the text box still on the pasteboard, the rest was off the edge of the world. When I finally did a Select All on the entire spread, I  found that sucker lurking way out there. I'd like to sincerely thank myself for answering this question.