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    Hello, First Post!!  Having trouble with timeline and 'mouseover' state when mousing over too 'FAST'


      When I was a flash guy, I had this same problem and never seemed to figure it out 100%.


      Here's the scenario.  I have a menu, with icons.  The background of the menu icons (which the icons are is the site's TOC), should expand when the mosue goes over, revealing the menu options.  As of right now, I have it like this:


      menu_BG  x........y.........x


      x = the resting state, with the mouseoveraction of play.

      y = the position where the animation should rest, and thus has a 'stop' action on it.


      The box also has a mouseout action that plays the animation to the next x, and then it stops back at the first x, and the animation starts all over again when the user mouses over it.


      Now, my problem is this.........


      Lets say you mouse over the box and the animation HASN"T gotten all the way to Y just yet and then you quickly mouse out.  The animation stays as if the mouse is still there, but its obvkously not.  THEN if you go to mouse over again, it has a seizure and the box freaks out until you completely put your mouse over the entire box.


      I realize this is sorta trivial, bust still I want this little animation (and other similar uses of this idea) to be engineered better.


      Is there a way I can tell this box to play forward if it detects theres a mouse over it? Or even better, how do I make it so...


      Start at label "a".Mouseover? ok then play to label "b". If mouse is STILL over, then stop, wait for mouse out, then continue. If NOT, then continue.


      In plain english, thats what I want to happen, lol....



      Thanks to anyone who can help, i'm VERY excited to have the creative cloud, and I can't wait to see what I can do with my creativity!!