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    where can I download the full flashplayer installation package ?

        i have to say , the current flash player install programme is really suck .  everytime i downloaded is the mini setup only 973kb ,  then always get the windows warning "certification authornation faild ", really frustrated,i dont know if this caused by your or microsoft  . then i searched the website and somebody suggested to install a full completed  installation package version which shouldb  9.7MB .  i tried and it really worked  . 

        but now the problem is  all the full packages i got from other third websites are old version ,still got the warning when i watching youtube ..   


        frankly , as a user i have to say adobe did really suck on the flashplayer installation , i just wondering have you people tested this mini setup programme totally . or at least you should give a link on the same download page to give us a chance to  download a full size version . 


      so now , please tell me where is the link to download the latest full installation package for flashplayer on you adobe website .


      very thanks !