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    Need Help choosing components for new build.

    El_Plates Level 1

      My current PC is holding up workflow and not supporting all the features in CS6 Production premium, so it's time for new hardware.


      Current System


      CPU- i7 2600 (locked version).


      Motherboard- H67.


      RAM- 16GB DDR3 1333.


      Video card- AMD HD 6770- 1GB.


      Disk Drives- 1x 2Tb Seagate, 1x 1TB WD Caviar Black, 1x Samsung External drive for backups.


      SSD- 60GB Intel 520 series.


      Shortfalls in Current System's performance.


      - Previewing the timeline in Premiere Pro works fine until the current time indicator reaches a clip of Uncompressed .avi footage. Then it bogs down, and frame rates plummet. I suspect it's the disc drives failing to move the high bit rate data fast enough, so I'll probably need a raid-0 set up.


      - Slow previews in After Effects. Upping the RAM from 8GB to 16GB improved previews significantly, but it could be better.


      - Current GPU doesn't support 3D Ray tracing.



      Budget for new build


      -  $2800 (Australian dollars).



      Components I'm considering for new build



      Case- Corsair 600T (already owned).


      Motherboard- Z77. (Not sure which particular Z77 is best suited).


      CPU- i7 3770k


      CPU Cooling- Suggestions please.


      RAM- 32GB DDR3 1600 MHz. Any suggestions ?


      C: drive- SSD : 240GB intel 520 series.


      Media/assets disc- 1x 2TB Seagate drive.


      After Effects Exports (Uncompressed .avi) - 2x 2TB Seagate drives in Raid-0.


      Premiere Pro Exports- 1x 1TB WD Caviar Black (already owned).


      After Effects RAM Cache- SSD 60GB intel 520 series (already owned).


      Internal drive for backups- 3TB WD Red.


      GPU- GTX 580 - 3GB. Why not a 600 series GTX ? Because I plan to use Blender. Apparently 600 series cards don't work well with Blender.

      PSU- Modular. Wattage requirements not yet calculated.


      OS- Windows 7 Professional? or Ultimate?



      Suggested changes to the list, please.