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    Down-Level Stage Question/Problem




      As I understand it, the down-level stage image should display when an Edge animation is viewed in a browser with Javascript disabled.


      If that is correct, then it's not working for me, either in preview in browser from Edge Animate, or when published and used in a site built with Muse.


      Tested with IE 9, FF 16.01, Opera 12.02 w/ JS disabled.  In all cases, neither the animation nor the poster displayed.


      Yes I've read the replies to Vancouver Joel's post re: "down level does not work" at


      but nothing there helps.


      My animation is very simple; it uses just native ellipses, text using arial fonts, nothing special.


      The poster image that I selected is present when I inspect the down-level stage.


      Same problem occurs with a more complex animation.


      Any ideas?