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    300 dpi


      Is there a way to work and save (in PS Touch) at 300 dpi for print projects?

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          Well, starting with PS Touch v1.3.0, you can have bitmaps up to 4000x3000pixels. That will leave you with a 338,67x254mm / 13.3x10 Inch picture at 300dpi. Or do you need it larger still?

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            jonnynerd Level 1

            Thanks so much for your reply.


            Basically, I'm trying to upload a design to "moo.com" for a product label and they want the resolution of the jpeg to be 300 dpi.


            The label is approx 1 inch high x 3 inches long. They have a jpeg template for the sticker (300 dpi) that I opened in PS Touch and used to design the label.


            When I saved my finished label to my iPad photo library it only saves it at 72 dpi, even though the original is 300 (I checked in another program).


            I guess I'm asking if there's a way to change the output settings in PS Touch or something so that it will save at 300 dpi.


            Thanks so much again for your response.

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              PengwynLOB Level 1

              Hi Jonny,


              The dpi is completely irrelevant to photoshop or PS touch. The only thing that matters, is the dimension in pixels!

              Dpi only serves to help you calculate how large an image will be displayed.

              You see, when you will display a picture of -say- 720 pixels wide on a monitor which has a resolution of 72dpi, your image will be 10 inches wide. if you were to display the same image in a printed magazine, which is generally printed at a 300dpi resolution, your image will be (720/300=) 2.4inches wide. Remember: the number of PIXELS stays the same! It's the medium that the image is displayed on, which determines the size in which the image is displayed.


              In your case, if the end result, printed at 300dpi needs to be 1"x3" in size, you can calculate that your image needs to have dimensions of 300x900px As long as it is, it is no matter if the resolution showed in the box says 72, 300 or even 23987 dpi. If you send your image of 300x900px to a printer, and he prints it at 300dpi, your image will have a size in print of 1"x3"


              Does that set your mind at ease?

              If not, try the following: When you click save as in photoshop save your image from photoshop, untick resample image from the options box and then change the resolution. You will notice that the physical pixel dimensions of your image stays constant, but that the document size changes with the resolution, depending on the resolution you set. So, it doesn't matter what resolution you set here, as long as you make sure your pixel-dimensions stay as they are: 300 high and 900 wide.

              That is why Photoshop will generally set your resolution to 72 if you open a file; because it is irrelevant.


              Hope that helps.


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                jonnynerd Level 1

                Thanks so much for all your detailed help. It was very nice of you to take the time to help me out.


                Your explanation was very helpful. It makes a lot of sense.


                Thanks again and have a great day.

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                  PengwynLOB Level 1

                  no sweat, buddy! Have a great weekend!

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                    Smoothpopr36 Level 1

                    Thank you, this was very helpful.  Now I understand the difference between the canvas size and the actual size of the business card.