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    ADE unable to see my Kobo reader


      I was able to view my reader but when I tried to copy any books across to it I received an error message.   I deauthorized my computer and reader and then re-installed ADE 2.0.   I was not successful so I tried it a couple of times.  The result is that now I am unable to see the reader at all.  Is there a limit to the number of authorisations that I can use.  If so how can I get around it?

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          You've not given us enough information to give you a really good answer.

          The critical missing part is the text of the error message.  I can make a

          guess, but that's all it is: "No permission to copy here".  You may have

          had more messages.  Also, how about telling us what your computer

          environment is - are you running Windows 7 on a PC or are you a Mac

          person?  It makes a difference.

          I'm puzzled as to why you mention authorization - unless you think that

          it's part of the issue involved with the 'No permission...' error message.


          When ADE gives you an error message, it's functioning according to spec's,

          and reinstalling it only mucks up the situation, which appears to be what's

          happened in your case.  If I'm guessing correctly, the message is telling

          you that the ebook's digital rights do not allow you to 'make a copy' of it

          and put it onto your ereader.  This is a popular issue now - I've seen a

          post on the subject nearly every day for a month or so.  Digital rights are

          assigned by the publisher, distributor or author, and are not something we

          as users can change - if they can be changed, it's the source of the ebook

          that can do that, and you can go back to the source and ask.


          If you've run into a limit on authorizations because of the number of times

          you've tried to reinstall the software, then you have to contact Adobe for

          a reset.  'Getting around it' isn't something you can do yourself, but we

          may be getting ahead of the story.  You can get a reset from Adobe

          technical support.  Although that sounds easy, it often is much harder than

          it should be (hence my nickname - Frustrated).  There are lots of posts on

          the forum that are testimonials to the effort - some folks got help the

          first time, but others did not.


          ADE 2.0 is the latest release, and hasn't been available for very long.

          While it's supposed to be evolutionary, all of us have little experience

          with it and may not know enough to be able to resolve issues that are

          unique to it.  The CBOK is with ADE's version 1.7, and I can give you a

          couple of ideas on what to do now from that standpoint.


          I have to read between the lines.  It might help (pardon the pun) to

          mention the steps to see your ereader.


          First, plug in the ereader to your USB port.  It should come to life, and

          your computer should recognize it.  The ereader's screen should tell you

          that it's connected to your computer.  Then, start ADE.  If all is well,

          ADE should show your ereader on the bookshelf portion of its Library view

          (left hand side of the split display).  Your ereader's screen may show a

          message also.  When you see that this has happened, you can transfer

          ebooks.  Just put your cursor on the title, and drag it to your ereader's

          entry.  When you're done with the copying, close ADE.  Watch the screen on

          your ereader - it will tell you something about processing new content.

          When it's finished doing that, disconnect it logically first from your

          computer by using a computer utility such as Windows Explorer (NOT Internet

          Explorer) and 'eject' it.  Then just pull the plug.


          C'mon back with more information and I can be more specific.



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            Lewis_Jones Level 1

            Thanks for your reply.   I am running Windows 7 on a PC and I think at this stage I have got myself into trouble by trying too many things.   My initial message was E_Lic_Already _Fulfilled _by _ another_User.  It was at this point, after reading many posts, that I tried reauthorizing my machine and reader.  I then received the 'no permission to copy error'.   I did contact KOBO but did not receive a reply and so I tried to solve the problem myself.


            I have followed through your steps of connecting the eReader but it is nolonger showing up in ADE.  Is there anypoint in trying to remove all traces of ADE from my computer, setting up a new Adobe ID and starting again or does Adobe record the actual machine being used.


            I will try to contact Adobe directly.

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              Yes, ADE does record information about the user and the computer in its

              files so that it can keep libraries and ebooks straight and conform to the

              requirements of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 2000 concerning

              keeping a user's ebooks from being used by others.


              The 'License fulfilled....' is telling you that Digital Editions checked

              the ebook's ID file and found that your current Adobe ID does not match the

              one stored in the ebook's ID file.  It was downloaded under a different

              Adobe ID.  You can get around this one by deauthorizing ADE under your

              current ID and - if you know what it was - reauthorizing it under your old

              ID, which you must have been able to do in order to get the 'No

              permission....' message.


              'Authorizing' your ereader can cause it to lose its mind, and before you go

              nuts, try doing a hard reset on it, according to the user manual/directions

              from the manufacturer.  That's usually a small hole in the back cover into

              which you insert a bent paperclip and press for a number of seconds.

              Hopefully, this will reactivate the ereader, and going through the steps we

              did before will allow your computer and ADE to see it again.  It may come

              up with a different user ID than you think it should, so be prepared....


              Good luck!


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                Lewis_Jones Level 1

                Thanks.   I will continue optimistically and  give that a go.