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    how to work with wget command on linux?

    mahesh1222 Level 1

      Can somebody tell me how to work with wget command on linux?


      When am trying to download firefox using wget command on linux server , i see the below error.


      wget 'http://download.mozilla.org/?product-firefox-8.0&os=linux&lang=en-US' -O firefox-8.0.tar.bz2

      --2012-10-26 07:20:24--  http://download.mozilla.org/?product-firefox-8.0&os=linux&lang=en-US

      Resolving download.mozilla.org...,, 2620:101:8008:5::2:a

      Connecting to download.mozilla.org||:80... failed: Connection timed out.

      Connecting to download.mozilla.org||:80...


      I have checked everything on linux server all configurations set correctly.


      Can you help me to resolve this and it is not only for firefox if i want to download any software or app using wget?


      Thanks in Advance.