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    how to work with wget command on linux?


      Can somebody tell me how to work with wget command on linux?


      When am trying to download firefox using wget command on linux server , i see the below error.


      wget 'http://download.mozilla.org/?product-firefox-8.0&os=linux&lang=en-US' -O firefox-8.0.tar.bz2

      --2012-10-26 07:20:24--  http://download.mozilla.org/?product-firefox-8.0&os=linux&lang=en-US

      Resolving download.mozilla.org...,, 2620:101:8008:5::2:a

      Connecting to download.mozilla.org||:80... failed: Connection timed out.

      Connecting to download.mozilla.org||:80...


      I have checked everything on linux server all configurations set correctly.


      Can you help me to resolve this and it is not only for firefox if i want to download any software or app using wget?


      Thanks in Advance.