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    How to zoom in even steps (50%, 66,7%, 100% etc) with mouse scroll on a Mac?

    JussiVirtanenDesign Level 1

      I just switched to a mac from PC and I was used to zoom with my mouse scroll and hold shift to zoom in even increments to keep the image as crisp as possible. Now on a mac I still haven't found a way to do this. When the zoom with mouse scroll is enabled (I use Apple's Magic Mouse), I'm only able to zoom in and out getting uneven values such as 88,7%, 97,6% etc - the same action as in Photoshop WITHOUT shift pressed. But on a mac pressing shift doesn't help. I've also tried plenty of different keys with mouse scroll zoom but none of them seem to help.


      Is there any way to zoom in even steps with Magic Mouse on a mac? This is driving me crazy, as now I have to select the zoom tool and use it to zoom in and out, which significantly slows down my work flow.