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    Controlling sprites within a film loop

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      Hi everyone.

      I have a whole load of sprites each with a ling behaviour attached. That was fine and it worked well.

      However, it was getting a bit messy as there are about 30 sprites and I need to animate the whole lot as one.

      So I thought I'd convert all of them into a single film loop.

      There general behaviour works but the bit of code to set the blend value of the individual sprite no longer works. So I need some way to access the blend value of the individual sprites of the film loop member.

      Any ideas?


      Here's the bit of code:

      on flashSprite me

        p_dir = true

        p_blend = 0

        timeout().new("flashMe" &string(me.spriteNum), 40, #setVisibility, me)



      on mouseUp me

        flashSprite me


        p_textMember.text = p_textMember.text &string(p_key) 



      on setVisibility me

        if p_dir then

          p_blend = p_blend + 10


          p_blend = p_blend - 10

        end if


        if p_blend >= 100 then

          p_dir = false

        end if


        if p_blend <= 0 and not p_dir then

          timeout("flashMe" &string(me.spriteNum)).forget()

        end if


        sprite(me.spriteNum).blend = p_blend