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    help: flash very slow on Mac 10.8.2

    pierBover Level 1

      So I just installed Creative Cloud CS6 and everything is blazing fast... Photoshop opens in less than 3 seconds... So does Illustrator.


      Flash Pro takes like 1 minute to open. It gets stuck in "Building Workspace". Clicks have a 3 or 4 second delay. It's impossible to work like that...


      I need to start working on a project next monday... I will report the bug, but maybe someone here has a trick that may help me. I'm desperate...


      I've updated to the lastest Flash CS6 version.


      I've already recreated preferences.


      Mac OS Console points this problem when launching the app

      "Adobe Flash CS6[6074]: The function `CGSFlushWindow' is obsolete and will be removed in an upcoming update. Unfortunately, this application, or a library it uses, is using this obsolete function, and is thereby contributing to an overall degradation of system performance. Please use `CGSFlushWindowContentRegion' instead."


      And this dozens of times

      "Adobe Flash CS6[6326]: CGSSetRegisteredCursor: Invalid connection"


      I'm on Mac Os 10.8.2 , with latest Java Machine updated. Macbook Pro with core i7, 8gb of ram, etc.


      Please any hep will be appreciated.

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          pierBover Level 1

          So i've uninstalled every CS6 app.


          I've used Adobe cleaner tool, just in case...


          Reinstalled Flash CS6 from Application Manager.


          Updated Flash CS6 from Application manager...


          Nothing is solved...


          Where is Adobe's support???

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            pierBover Level 1

            It seems the problem is solved. I think it was a conflict with Fontcase.


            I rebooted in safe mode, opened flash, it seemed to work better...


            Rebooted normally.


            Opened flash, still giving problems. I notice in Activity Monitor that a fontd process is conusming 100%, and goes away when I close flash.


            Uninstalled Fontcase by sending it to the trash.


            Now Flash opens in less than 10 seconds. There's still a spinning wheel when "Initializing UI", but the software seems to work properly. No more lag in the mouse clicks.


            Man what a night...

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              pierBover Level 1

              After reinstalling Mac OS 10.8.2, and reinstalling Adobe CS6, I finally figured out what was really causing the problem..


              It is a software called Hiss, which translates Growl messages to Mac OS notifications.


              I would have never thought that would be the problem... in fact after knowing what it was I could easily reproduce the error, and even found other people with the same problem.


              Well that's it. I hope someone stumbles upon and simply uninstalls Hiss instead fo spending 2 days trying to solve it as I did.