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    How to put an image in a data grid in Flex Builder 2

    garag Level 1
      Hi All,

      I need to populate a data grid with some text data received from a web service and, in a particular column of the datagrid, I have to put an image depending of a specific data returned me by the web service.

      It seems that there is the possibility to add an image in data grid column with the cellRenderer properties, but this property is available only for ActionScript 3.
      I'm developing an application in Flex Builder 2 that run ActionScript 2 and cellRenderer properties is not available. Is it right?
      If no, I will can use this cellRenderer properties in my application. Please, can you show me an example?
      If yes, there is a way to insert an image in datagridcolumn with ActionScript 2?

      Thank you very much