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    Photoshop CS6 - Pasting Smart Objects from InDesign CS6 look awful


      Since upgrading from CS5 I'm having a huge problem using Smart Objects.



      Smart Objects pasted from InDesign into Photoshop are pixelated and corny beyond belief. Originating material placed in InDesign is hi-res (e.g. 600ppi) but when pasted in PS it looks crappy.



      Selecting an image in InDesign and pasting it in PS in a 72ppi file.

      Typically I need to copy elements from previous art in ID and re-compose and use for web.



      Can't seem to fix it. Have tried with Anti-Aliasing both on and off to no avail. None of the Image Interpolation settings affect this either.

      Only solution is to scale the placed Smart Object to something like 400% where it suddenly looks nice again, rasterize and then scale it back down.



      Smart Object scaling is flawed in PS CS6.


      Note: All scaled images in InDesign already look gritty and awful. Even with Display Performance: High Quality set (using default settings). Seems to me like CS6 scaling is b a d.



      Anyone else seeing this?




      Image 1: Smart Object rasterized at same size as placed. (ouch. awful.)



      Image 2: Smart Object Scaled to 400%, rasterized and then scaled back to original size (yum yum, like it used to be without up-rasterize-down-scaling)