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    Cs6, error (515) (25 ::101), can't launch Analysis Server


      So, I've been struggling with this issue for many hours now. I've been trying to use the 3D Camera Tracker on a couple video files (mpeg and mp4), and have been getting the "After Effects error: Could not launch Adobe Analysis Server. (515) ( 25 :: 101 )".

      I've already tried adjusting fire wall settings (including disabling it all together). Twice a full uninstal and reinstal, using Adobe cleaner for the second go around. a reinstal of updates.... The problem persists.

      I'm using Windows 7, and I know I have ample hardware resorces.


      Could there be an issue with have Cs5.5 instaled as well?

      Are there files that should be moved or a patch I could download?


      Tired of pulling my hair out over it, any suggestions?