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    setting up an editing studio - would like IO and 5.1


      Hi all, I'm moving from one room to another to do my editing and I'd like to get my set up to how I've always wanted it.

      I'd basically like to use something like an MXO2 to be able to add a third monitor to my existing 2 monitor set up and use this third monitor as an output monitor.


      For practical reasons I'd like this monitor to in fact be a consumer LED or LCD Tv, around 32". As it will be a TV I'd also like to use it to check burned DVD's and BluRays (something I currently do via a bluray connected to a 5.1 amp) and I have a two questions associated with this set up...


      1) I've read I need an LED TV capable of 1:1 pixel mapping but I can't find any 32" models with this feature.. are there any generally recommended options? Do you think 32" would be too big considering it'd be on the wall directly in front of me?


      2) I was going to buy a 5.1 PC speaker kit to enable me to edit in 5.1 (I currently use a terrible 5.1 headset), however as I'd also like to check the burned media on the LED TV to check for errors and that they encoded correctly into 5.1... am I better to buy a generic 5.1 bluray/dvd home theatre kit and if so can I then connect this to the PC or does it connect to the MXO2?


      I'd love to get some input from you guys.

      Thanks in advance.

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