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    ebook creation

    rjfoster03 Level 1

      I am attempting to create an ebook using InDesign CS6..  Being new to using InDesign, I am having "fun" learning which way is best to go and how to go about getting the job done.


      I have 18 InDesign files that were created using the same template, so each looks the same.


      I have 2 versions or options to work with:


      1. Combining these 18 files into one document (the ebook), add a cover (is already an InDesign file - one page image), and then an interactive TOC.  If I use these files to create a New Book, which would I use to be the initial fie added into the book knowing that the book takes the way that it is set up to create the book?  If I want the cover first, it does not have any style formatting like the 18 files that will be part of the ebook.  If I use the first file that will be behind the cover and TOC (to be created), then I get a TOC that looks like the first page of the first file I added into the New Book.
      2. One larger InDesign file that contains the cover and then all the material from all the files and everything is in the correct order.  I am thinking that this is easier to work with since it is one larger file, but when Exporting to EPUB, I don't get page breaks at new topics.  Everything runs together. How do I create page breaks that will ensure that each section is separate from one another?  Creating an interactive TOC is another issue that I have come across.  I can create the TOC, but the text is not hyperlinking to any of the sections within the file. How can I create the TOC that will be interactive?




      Thanks for any help or suggestions that you can give.