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    Aligning keyframes in the Timeline (After Effects)

    CBecker Level 1

      I was trying to align some existing keyframes in several layers with each other. I was surprised that I could align objects in the composition but not in the timeline. So I did some searching. I found something that might help, but I don't think it's the complete answer. I think it would be great to get other's opinions / suggestions for a better way.


      I followed this process:

      • Open the keyframed layers in the timeline
      • Selected all of the keyframes
      • Clicked the Graph Editor button
      • Set the Snap option (magnet button on the bottom of the Graph Editor)
      • Manually slide the desired keyframes to line up together


      I've seen other suggestions for scripts or cutting and pasting keyframes. Though these should work, it sure would be great if I could select several keyframes and tell them to center-align, left-align or right-align.


      Does anyone know of this ability in AE?


      Thanks, Chris