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    Imposition Plan


      I'm desigining a book layout and need an Imposition Plan to know how many colors per page or spread I'm using. That will be useful when I send my document to the printing company, as it calculates the price differentely depending on number of colors.


      This is an example of what I want to do


      http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-eBW7EQakxnM/TYePCo7nyFI/AAAAAAAAB20/Nfwaby_P4H8/s1600/Picture%2B 1.png


      this one uses colors to sign paper types. I wanted to do one with color number.



      Is there a way to do this AUTOMATICALLY in InDesign? I have CS 5.5.

      The name of what I want to do is really Imposition Plan (I'm brazilian and only know the name in portuguese)


      Thanks a lot.


      ps: if not possible to do it auto, how to do it manually?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I don't think this can be automated, but I'm not sure I really understand what you want to do.


          It's possible to create a plan that will show you which pages are on the same side of the same sheet on your press which will helpp you organize how you place spot or process colors to minimize the number of plates required to output a job. It's easiest, I think, to lay out such a chart by hand, as it depends on the number of pages in your "signature," or how many pages fit on a single sheet of paper.


          This screen shot is a chart I made for a school publication to show then where they could place color  to have only one set of CMY plates in an eighty-page document printed in five 16-page signatures (ten sides and ten sets of plates, total, and they wanted color only on one side of one sheet). I think you can see the pattern well enough to make a similar chart for other page counts:

          Signatures Layout.png

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            angelorfd Level 1

            Thanks, I'll do it manually then. I'll se the separations and do it one-by-one.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              If you just want a list of pages where classes of colors -- cmyk or spot, but not specific colors are used, setting up some custom prefligh profiles that disallow those types of colors would be a fast way to find them.