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    Adding JavaScript to Multiple PDF using Batch Processing


      I am trying to add a Javascript to mulitple PDF's that need the script below.  I am trying to use the Batch Processing option but cant figure out how to add the javascript to the Batch Process for it to get added automatically to each individual PDF.


      This JavaScript is a dynamic script that puts a watermark on the page with the current date:


      var cMyText = "VALID FOR 30 DAYS from " +util.printd("mm/dd/yyyy", new Date);

      cText: cMyText,
      nRotation: 45,
      cFont: "Helvetica-Bold",
      aColor: color.gray,
      nStart: this.pageNum,


      The script works when I add it manually into each individual PDF but would like to use the Batch Process for over 500 PDF's.

      Thanks for the help,