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    ESTK 3.0 on a Mac missing OMV files?

    Mary Posner Level 3

      Hey, folks, just sticking my toe into the Javascript waters here, but I'm having a hard time getting started.


      The Object Model Viewer files for InDesign CS4 are missing on my computer; the only thing that's in Library/Preferences/Extendscript/3.0 is a Preferences.xml file. The prefs file is recreated if I trash it and restart, but nothing else shows up, not after re-launching InDesign or targeting it in the main ESTK window or attempting to select it in the OMV window again. CS5.5 seems to have all the correct OMV files installed under the ESTK 3.6 folder, but there's nothing but Prefs under 3.0.


      Any ideas what might be causing this problem, any known plug-in conflicts or permissions issues that might cause this to fail (this prefs folder is read/write, the IDCS4 application folder is locked), or am I expecting it to recreate something that it just won't?  If that's the case, where can I find the necessary files to install?


      Thanks for any suggestions you can give this JS newbie....