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    InDesign Query


      I am working on a magazine and I am trying to open my magazine in InDesign after 15 days and it is showing me this message and it is really important for me to open the file.

      Please help !!!ask.JPG

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          PrintFusion45 Employee Moderator

          Launch Adobe Bridge and browse to this file to see the version of InDesign this file was initially created with. If this file cannot be opened in the most recent version of InDesign, then try to open the file in the version that the file was initially created. Then if the file opens in that version, go to Help menu and then Ctrl + left click on About InDesign to see the plug-ins used in the file and the missing plugins as well. you might then want to install the missing plugin to open the file in the most recent version of InDesign (keeping in mind that you're using ID CS6).


          Metadata panel shows the Application version in which the file was originally created:

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Also, you can check for a .idlk file in the same directory where the file is stored, and you can try opening as a copy.

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              mps007 Level 1

              I made the document in InDesign CS6 and now its not opening. I am attaching metadata. As I am unable to open that file hence no info about missing plug-ins.

              I also saved pdf file but that is also not opening.
              Here are both attachments.




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                mps007 Level 1

                Sir there is no .idlk file present.

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                  [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                  You created the file with InDesign CS6 but now you are attempting to open it with an OLDER version. The error box you show has changed in CS6.


                  So just try with CS6.


                  (By the way, InDesign never has been able to "open" a PDF.)

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                    mps007 Level 1

                    No Sir
                    I am trying to open the same document in CS6.
                    I don't have nay other version on my system.

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                      Bo LeBeau Level 4

                      As Jongware was trying to point out, in your second set of screenshots you have Bridge showing the file properties of the file "magazine final.INDD" However, the screenshot below that clearly showing inDesign attempting to open "magazine final,PDF" It appears that you are dealing with two different file. InDesign cannot open PDF files.


                      Also the file size 4.16 GB is very large for an InDesign file which generally uses linked graphics. Did you embedd a large number of very large graphics? This is not a recommended workflow. Have you even done a "Save As" when working on this file? Even if you delete a large part of your file and only do a Save it will still retain the deleted material causing a bloated file size. Also, this can tend to make the file more unstable.


                      You need to do a Save As every once in a while. A Save As will delete at the hidden stuff and reduce the file size while also making the file more stable. This Save As procedure has always been an important thing to do dating all the way back to 1985 and Pagemaker, which was the first layout program. 


                      If you ever get this file to open, you should immediately do two things:

                      • Do a Save As under a different name (so it doesn't overwrite your current file)
                      • Export the file to .IDML


                      Peter Spier mentioned trying to open as a copy.

                      Don't double click the file, go to the File menu and use Open, then select Open as Copy.

                      Have you attempted this?