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    How to place logo in custom skin


      I am using RH 9.


      I am trying to create a custom skin for webhelp.


      I have the background color set as needed.


      I want to add our logo on top of the color.


      I want to anchor the logo on the left side above the Contents, Index, and Search options.


      I have read numerous posts (about two hours worth) and found no help.


      I have seen Rick's Skinny on Skins.


      I have tried editing the About button; however, the results are not what I am hoping for.


      I have inserted an image to provide a look at the desired result.


      Can someone help?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          I think that in order to accomplish this you will find you need to create a combination of images. One being the background image used for the main toolbar of the skin. That one will contain your logo. The others will need to be images that represent the TOC, Indes, Search and Glossary. These images will need to be tall enough that they cause the main toolbar to be tall enough to see the logo.


          Hopefully that helps... Rick

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            CalWilson Level 1

            Hi Rick,


            Good to hear from you again!


            First, I just saw information about applying a web skin to a CHM file in RH10. As I recall, you and I are about the only ones that believe CHM files are still viable and should not be forgotten. With that in mind, have you tested the functionality? Does it work well?




            I have an image that I am using for the blue color background (header2..png). I have added the image via the WebHelp Skin Editor (see above). I have to use an image because the blue has shading, variable colors, not one solid color.


            I have an image that I want to use for the logo (logo.png), but I can't find a way to add two images to the blue (background) area. If I use just the logo, it is repeated numerous times along the toolbar area.


            I have managed to change the width of the background. The new size accommodates the buttons and would accommodate the logo if I could figure out how to add it.


            The position of the buttons works well also.


            Another added thought is the need to have the background grow with the browser window as the width is stretched across a wide format monitor, say 30 inches.


            I think it comes down to being able to insert two images in the Background area and layer the images so that the logo is on top.


            I am sure you remember that my technical skills with source files are limited, so I need as much detail as possible if you can help.