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    Text Box Default Sizes


      I have a form with 20+ multi line text boxes. What I am running into is that when I try to change the width of the label size on one question Forms Central is doing 2 things -

           1. Changing the width of the label box on ALL of my questions with multiline text boxes

           2. Resetting the width of the multi line text boxes to less than the maximum width possible - which is forcing me to manually resize them.


      Is there a way to apply global width setting to the text boxes - ie specify exact width of both the label and the input field?

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          Brian Havlin Adobe Employee



          When you resize the width of the text box to fit the available width of the form, we record its size. In the example shown below we record the value of 420:




          As you mentioned above, if you reduce the width of the label, the text box moves to the left and does not automatically grow to continue to fit the available with of the form:




          Currently your only option is to resize each text box individually. There is no global setting for the width of a text box, nor is there a way to update more than one text box at a time.


          Sorry for the inconvenience.