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    "Invalid Signature" error from iTunes store


      Hi All:


      I used Flash Builder 4.6 to build a mobile app, the app is now in Google Playstore, but I had problems submitting to the Apple App Store.


      The app was successfully uploaded to the Apple App Store, no problems.  But within 30 seconds, I got this email:


      Dear developer,

      We have discovered one or more issues with your recent delivery for "SurevyPulse". To process your delivery, the following issues must be corrected:

      Invalid Signature - Make sure you have signed your application with a distribution certificate, not an ad hoc certificate or a development certificate. Verify that the code signing settings in Xcode are correct at the target level (which override any values at the project level). Additionally, make sure the bundle you are uploading was built using a Release target in Xcode, not a Simulator target. If you are certain your code signing settings are correct, choose "Clean All" in Xcode, delete the "build" directory in the Finder, and rebuild your release target.

      Once these issues have been corrected, go to the Version Details page and click "Ready to Upload Binary." Continue through the submission process until the app status is "Waiting for Upload." You can then deliver the corrected binary.


      The App Store team


      I am absoultely sure I used distribution certificate and distribution provisioning profile. And the certificate is invalid to July 2013.   What could be the possible reasons for the error?  I spent two days pulling my hairs out, made lots of rebuilds but no luck.  I even looked into the files inside .ipa and they all look fine to me.


      Can someone shed some lights on this?  If we cannot resolve this, it will really impact our future decisions on Flex.

      Thank you.