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    funny error with swipe routine


      Greetings to everybody,


      for the last few weeks, i have been fooling around with edge, and try to make some banners both for demonstration and seeing the capabilities of Edge.

      While i was trying to make a rollover banner, i added the swipe routine to the rollover banner for some images/text animations.


      but i'm having 2 problems.

      - it swipes back & forth allright but everytime i swipe to the left or right, first i see the roll-out stage for quarter of a second.

      - when i tap to the CLOSE button, it works fine, but after tapping again to the banner for the rollover stage, the swipe animation doesn't reset itself and continues from the previous animation.


      here is the link:



      How can i solve these issues? Any kind of help will be appreciated.

      Best Regards



      edit: used tim's swipe routine for the banner, and did not change anything in the code.

      here is the sourcecode: http://www.canulas.com.tr/bmwgallery/source.rar


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