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    In Photoshop CS4- using patch tool-


      I select an area I want to repair, click source, then drag to the area I want to use to make the repair and release. It looks great in the preview, before I release. As soon as I release it disappears.


      For example, after using the automate tool to combine multiple images into a panarama with a transparent background there are a few blank areas. I select one of the blank areas with the patch tool, click source then drag to the area I want to use as the replacement and release. As soon as I release, it goes back to the transparent background. The transparent button is NOT selected.


      This is a Windows Vista system, with NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT video, If I try to do updates to CS4 is sas it is using the latest driver. Which it lists as version 11.0.2.


      Any idea how to fix this?