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    Problem with Clip Usage and merged clips in CS6

    hshawcs Level 1

      The 'Clip Usage' drop-down menus don't seem to work in Premiere CS6 for merged clips. The info bar at the top of the project window correctly lists the number of times the viedo and audio from the clip has been used, and the downward-pointing arrow appears, but when you click on it... nothing happens. Same's true of the 'Video Usage' column in the main body of the project window. Non-merged clips work just fine.


      Anyone know if this is just a problem with my project, or if it's a bug in Premiere? Had a lot of trouble with merged clips in CS5.5, and was hoping they'd be solved by CS6 - I've been using Creative Suite for a long time, and the lack of good merged clips support was always one of the challenges in persuading other indie editors to switch over from FCP...