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    "project cannot be loaded it may be damanged..."


      I am using Premiere CS6 on a Macbook Pro and am in the middle of editing a huge project. I went to open the project today and got this error.


      "the project cannot be loaded it may be damaged or contain outdated elements"


      I have no idea how or why this is happened.




      What I have tried:



      1. Starting a new project and importing the entire project. I get the same error message.


      2. Starting a new project and importing just the sequences. Premiere just stalls.


      3. Cleaning the Media Cache.


      4. Uninstalling then re-installing Premiere.


      5. Importing the project into After Effects. I get an error message.


      6. The auto-save files open, but the latest one is quite old.


      7. Duplicating the project file.


      8. Moving the project file and file structure to a new directory.



      None of these have worked!



      Any other ideas?

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          Bill Engeler Level 3

          Same problem here. It's happened twice in the last few weeks. I tried all the same things as you did, except re-installing. I also tried to repair the file with xml wrench, but it didn't help. The first time I lost about 6 hours work - ouch.


          What seems odd to me is the lack of current auto-saves. Could there be some connection?


          I'm on Windows. The problems occurred only after the latest update. The only difference I can see compared  to other projects is the size. This project is about 50MB, due to some warp stabilization.


          What complicates things is an error message from the BIOS when I started the computer each time the error happened. "overclocking failed" This apparently is a generic ASUS error message, and I think it might not be related to this, as it has occurred other times, even when there is no overclocking. Maybe coincidental.


          Win 7 - i7-930 - nvidea 470 - 24GB memory - t

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            6. The auto-save files open, but the latest one is quite old.


            Sounds like you've covered all the bases.  This may be your only option.

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              Allynn Wilkinson Level 3

              I'm afraid Jim might be right. 


              Do yourself a *huge* favor at this point and COPY the last autosave project.  It's all you've got and you need to treat it like the archival gold it is.  Always work from a copy of your project file until this project is done.  Heck, copy your copies!  Just version everything with a number so you know which is the latest.


              I'm a little surprised that copying the original project file didn't work.  This has worked for me many times. 


              The problem could be anything but becareful with any new assets you add.  A corrupt video file or, more likely, image can crash a project.  Can you think of any asset you added before the problem?  Think hard and open any suspect files in a *new* Premiere project first, before you try to bring them into your real project.  With a little luck (and work) you can find out what the culprit was.  For me, it's been CMYK psd files on more than one occassion

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                RyanChristensen10 Level 1

                Thanks for the advice. Allynn, I did copy the project file it in the same location, different location and renaming it.


                I am 95% sure that all the assets that were in the timeline had already been imported into the project, but just in case-- do you move or rename the corrupted file then reopen the project file and it works, and you just have a missing file at that point?

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                  Allynn Wilkinson Level 3

                  Repeat the mantra - "copies are good"!  It just saved my sorry a$$ on something important!


                  I'd move the suspect file so Premiere can't see it and deal with it being "off line".  If that really is the problem, the project should work.  Then, if you can find out what's wrong (like bad color space), change that and rename the file and re-import.


                  It may not be a bad file.  Sometimes projects just go south for no reason.  It doesn't happen often (thankfully) but when it does it's a real pain.  But I *have* had projects (in both Premiere and FCP) crash due to weird file issues and I have been able to save them by unlinking those files.  Worth a try, at least.  Heck, move the last 10 things you think you imported into the project and try opening it.  It couldn't work less!