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    No audio on disc

    wojtek sawa

      I am burning a DVD on a blue ray burner with DVD settings, I burned one disc, the sound came on only after a while during playback.  I burned another disc using identical settings and there was no sound file at all.  Is it a problem with Encore or with the blue ray burner, what can I do?

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          Felix CL Level 3

          please provide more information:

          • is there audio throughout the program in your video?
          • what export settings did you use from Premiere? (especially the audio export)
          • have you tried the export preset "MPEG2-DVD"? or Dynamic Link to Encore?
          • if you exported, then imported to Encore, did you impoort the mpg and the wav as a timeline or assets?, in Encore, did you preview and hear sound?
          • did you test on a dvd player or on the computer?



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Along with the suggestions and questions, that Felix posted, also let us know what brand of blank media you are using, and the burn speed, please.


            As a test, I would Burn to Folder on your computer, and test that with a software DVD player. I like MediaPlayer Classic HC (free), and also have CyberLink's PowerDVD (paid).


            Good luck,



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I burned one disc, the sound came on only after a while during playback.

              This line caught my attention, but with the second outcome, I sort of by-passed it. However, and especially with higher-end players, and DD AC3 Audio, it can take a few seconds for the player to lock in on the Audio. For that reason, I recommend leaving about 02 sec. of silence, at the very start of the DVD. As I usually do a fade up from black (several reasons for this), I just begin my Audio within the "black." With the second outcome - no Audio - I rather doubt that this is happening, but thought it worth mentioning.


              Good luck,



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