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    Build Tags Lost converting WinHelp to HTML

      Hi All,

      I am converting my WinHelp system to HTML help (.chm), using RoboHelp X5, WIN XP Pro, and Word 2003. I have tried the conversion several ways (import from .hpj, import from .hlp, import from doc files) but lose all WinHelp conditional build tags with every method I have tried.

      The import from the WinHelp .hpj file seems the best overall approach as it preserves map IDs, TOC, index, etc., but I don't understand why it doesn't preserve the coditional tags. Or am I missing some setting?

      I am hoping someone has run across this problem and has a solution. I do not want to spend weeks reapplying build tags!

      Thanks for any help!

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Welcome to the forum.

          It does ring a vague bell that losing the tags is a known problem. I am not sure so it's worth poking around these forums using the search. You might need to change your settings to search further back. Visit this page for information about the forum if you need some help.

          In a different scenario that loses the build tags in RH HTML I know that the references still exist in the topics and that it is merely a case of creating build tags with the required names in Project Manager. I don't know if that will work for this problem but it's sure worth a try.

          Post back if you cannot find anything else on this and if nobody else can confirm my thinking. If you cannot find the post I will try to find something tomorrow. It's late evening here and I'm pooped, sorry.

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            RoboColum(n) Level 5
            Hi djm_writer. Peter is spot on. It is a known problem. So far no fix has been applied for it. I've run a test to see if Peter's suggestion would work but the references in this case are not detained.
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              Thanks Peter and Colum for your responses,

              Turns out that after converting and redefining the build tags in RoboHelp HTML, the topic-level tags were there but the content-level tags were lost. As least I saved some re-entry time with the opic-level tags.

              Thanks again for your help!