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    FRUSTRATED!!: PSE 11 Windows hangs on loading Organizer


      Yesterday I upgraded to PSE 11 on my (plenty powerful) Win 7 system.


      Loaded organizer the 1st time and it completed the upgrade, did whatever it needed to do to update the catalog, and then recommended that I backup my catalog.

      I agreed to back up the catalog and it got 1/2 way through backing up everything (to a 2nd local hard drive) when the backup threw and error and then hung.

      I had to use Task Manager to close the application.


      Now neither PSE 11 OR PSE 10 will open.  They both hang while trying to load the Organizer.  Thanks, Adobe.  I am truly amazed at how sucky >1Gb of software can be.


      This is MASSIVELY frustrating... instead of upgrading my photo library I have entirely lost access to it.

      And, of course, Adobe provides no actual Tech Support.


      So... anyone have a suggestion?

      I'm guessing the catalog may have gotten corrupted - but I don't know whether that can be fixed non-destructively.


      (Oh, and, yes, I tried the direct launch icon... it hangs both ways so it is definitely the Organizer application that is hanging).

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          fanbutannoyed Level 1

          OK... no new hints.

          Calling Adobe... you clearly have some kind of corruption problem going on.


          I know it is the weekend and all.. but are you seriously not going to figure this out and support people like me who have been investing in your product for 5+ years?

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            SO_PSE Level 2

            Hold down your Shift key while launching the Organizer. This would open up the Catalog Manager.  Highlight your catalog at the bottom of the window, and choose "Repair" and then "Optimize".

            If that doesn't solve it, from the Catalog Manager, try creating a new catalog.

            If Organizer still fails to launch, try following steps -

            1. 1.Delete the Organizer preferences. (Organizer preferences are located at %appdata%/Adobe/Elements Organizer/11.0/Organizer). Delete the "status.dat" and "psa.prf" file from this folder.
            2. Navigate to folder on your machine where application is installed. Right click "PhotoshopElementsOrganizer.exe" and run it as Administrator.

            Hope this would resolve your issue.