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    Replacing clips with AE composition - problems


      I don't know if my workflow is correct but this is how I do and did things in the past and it always worked out for me. But today I'm having problems :/


      I use CS5.5 Premiere Pro and AE.


      I started a normal project and when I hit a clip which needs to be stabilized, I right-click it and chose "Replace with After Effects composition". That brings up AE. First I need to choose the filename for saving the composition. I always use a different filename for every clip that needs to be stabilized. Than I run Warp Stabilizator. Not the best but it works well for my needs. When all done, I save the AE composition again (under the same name) and close AE.


      The clip in Premiere Pro changes color on the sequence timeline and it is stabilized. All good so far. But today I'm having problems when there is more than 1 clip on the timeline that needs stabilizations. As soon as I try to do the above method on a second clip (and save it under different filename in After Effects) it all gets messy. When the stabilization is done and I return to Premiere Pro, both clips are the same clip (same footage), but different lenght (altough they were different clips in Premiere Pro before I started the AE stabilization). Doesn't matter that the AE filenames were different, it always show the first clip I stabilized in all the rest stabilized clips :/


      What seems to be to problem? I'll have about 5-8 clips in this project that need stabilization and this is really a problem for me.


      Thanks for the help.