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    how to do a mirror imgine


      any please tell me how to do a mirror imgine

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          hatstead Adobe Community Professional

          Duplicate the background layer

          Image>Rotate>Flip Horizontal

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            ukgaurav Adobe Employee

            You can use the Reflections Guided Edit to get variety of reflections or mirror images kind of effect:


            The Reflection Guided Edit


            In Guided Edit, choose a predefined reflection effect and apply it to an image in a few steps.

            For best results, avoid skipping a step or performing the steps in a random order.


            1. In Guided mode, from the Photo Play section, click Reflection.
            2. Click Add Reflection to create an inverted duplicate layer.
            3. Click Eydropper tool, to choose the background color for reflection.
            4. Choose a color from the image and click Fill Background.
            5. Click one of the following buttons to apply a reflection type:
              • Floor Reflection
              • Glass Reflection
              • Water Reflection
            6. (Optional) Adjust the intensity of reflection.
            7. (Optional) Click Add Distortion to distort the reflection in a realistic way.
            8. (Optional) Click Crop Tool to remove unnecessary areas.
            9. (Optional) Click Gradient Tool and drag a gradient line from the bottom of the reflection to the bottom of the image.


            Help Link: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/photoshopelements/using/WS287f927bd30d4b1f89cffc612e28adab65-7 fcd.html