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    I've tried everything but still can't import .mov files


      Hi everyone,



      I've been trying all the suggested method regarding the issue of importing .mov files and also the error message when launching Ae (quicktime is not installed on this system)


      but I still haven't solve the problem


      Can anybody help me please to find a solution?


      when I try to import a mov file it appears the following well known error message:


      Afeter effects error: file' file name.mov' cannot be imported - this '.mov' file is damaged or unsupported




      (I can import an .avi file)






      here are my spec:



      Win 7 64 bits


      quicktime version installed:  7.7.2 (1680.56)


      After effects C5.5 version


      type of file causing problem: quick time movie (.mov) from some project template of videocopilot.net or videohive

                                                      and actually with any .mov file that I've created

      thanks a lot