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    PSE 11 - MacOX 10.7.5  Printing Wide Format Printer and Profiles Not Working Correctly


      Macosx 10.7.5


      When I start up PSE11  and go to print I set up the paper size then select a Printer Profile.  When print the image it is a mess and seem to be black and white it is as if I printed on the wrong side of the paper.


      I then go and try to print it again.   Now it all works as it should beutiful colours and spot on.  all other print following this works.


      Then I shut down PSE11.   Start it up again.  Guess what  first print is a mess again.   all others after are fine.


      I uninstalled PSE11, deleted prefs.  and reinstalled PSE11.    Same thing..   first print a mess all others ok.


      the issue can be replicated consistantly......


      no problems with PSE10 or PSE9


      any suggestions?????



      cheers elo

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          I will suggest you to re verify that the Profile of your image and Profile of printer are same.


          PSE11 prints an image in two different scenario:-

          1. When Color Handling is governed by Photoshop Elements  and  2. When Color handling is governed by Printer


          I will explain you these two scenario in detail.


          1. Open your image in PSE11.

          2. Go to Image > Mode and note down the image mode.

          3. Now launch Print dialog.

          4. Click "More Options" button present on Print dialog.

          5. Now select Color Management tab.\

          6. Here you can find Image Space , this should be same as you noted down in 2nd step.

          7. From here you can control Color Handling options.

              a) From "Color Handling" drop down you can select either "Printer Manages Color" or "Photoshop Elements Manages Color".

              b) If you select Printer Manages color then you can see the profile of your printer in Printer Profile, that you cannot change.

              c) But if you will select "Photoshop Elements Manages Color" then you can change the Printer Profile.


             Now in both cases, for best result, make sure that that Image Space and Printer Profile is same.

             Also if you are using Photoshop Elements Manages Color then please turn off the Color Management of printer from your Printer Preferences option.


          If your Printer Profile is known to you then you can also change the Image mode from Image > Mode menu.


          For best result of printing it is necessary that both Image and Printer profile are same.


          Hope it will help you in your problem.


          Cheers !!!

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            elolaugesen Level 1

            Thank You for your suggestions.


            I have been printing using PSE for over  14 years going back before the term PSE came up.  I have done this professionally using profiles from others and those I generate myself..


            All the things you  mentioned have been done.


            The main  point missing in your suggestions is   It is only the first print every time I open up PSE11 that does not work...


            at completion of print I immediately go back to the file command and say print and then bypass all settings and print again.   this time and every other print aafter are perfect...      I did not change one single setting...


            I know about printer and adobe settings etc.     but thanks for going through the list it was a good reminder of how to remember everything sometimes we rush and forget something...


            Finally    It works PSE6, PSE9, PSE10, CS5, Lightroom 4.   I think I have the settings right......


            Any suggestions for how to get PSE11 to force the settings for the first print would be appreciated..


            Only thing I have not done is upgrade to the latest version of the epson driver.  Released less than a month ago to provide support for mountain lion.(iam only on lion)  Maybe just maybe???   you never know.   Will try this when I finish by next batch of prints.

            I will back up as I do weekly...    Still have the old driver from way back in release 10.5.8   will try to fire up to 10.5.8 and see what happens....


            cheers elo


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              elolaugesen Level 1



              This morning decided to check your list to follow....all the same no change  the first print dark/doubleprofile/wrongprofile.   all others after ok...

              Even went out to get a new profile using a different profilingsystem...  same results.


              cheers elo