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    Flex Air Apps on Blackberry

    Don Kerr Level 3

      I've had a Flex Air app on Playbook since it Adobe first supported Blackberry.  But, I haven't had a client requirement for deploying to Blackberry in a long time.  What is the status on Adobe's support for Blackberry?  On the Air Dev Center, I see no references to Blackberry anymore???


      Can I still build a cross-platform app for latest Blackberry devices (Blackberry 10, Playbook, etc.) using the standard Flex mobile components and Flash Builder 4.6?


      After a brief search on Blackberry's Air page, it looks like they moved to requiring the QNX components, ANEs and a new pure AS3 SDK only.  If I have to re-write code specific for Blackberry now, then it makes no sense for me to offer that to my clients. (unless they only want BB).


      So, where does Adobe stand now with Flex Mobile in Flash Builder deploying to Blackberry 10 and the Playbook?


      I'd appreciate if you could help bring me back up to speed.




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          Innovatology Level 3

          Absolutely, Flex works very well indeed and is fully supported on BlackBerry PlayBook and BB10 devices. The free packaging module for Flash Builder is part of the BB SDK for AIR and is supplied by RIM, not by Adobe.


          With Flex you'll of course be using Adobe UI components, which look less native than the BB-supplied "pure AS3" UI components unless you skin them. But they work just fine.

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            Don Kerr Level 3

            Thank you Jon.  It is clear that RIM is still fully supporting Air.


            For my enterprise clients it is more important that the user experience is the same on all platforms including mobile, web, and desktop.


            Appreciate it.