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    animation performance


      Hi flex-community,


      Last time i did animations was a view month back with flash player 9 or 10.

      I did not manage to run more than 5 or 6 animations at the same time and they did not perform very well.

      Now I saw this video of Anno Online:

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIDHpszaHgQ&feature=BFa&list=PLvZWz-sLz9XGBdiEmEIGQ1Kjo1RI5 uVdg

      Where every chimney of every building has some smoke, there are some people and animals running around etc there are a lot of animations and it looks quite smooth.

      So I am wondering, how did they do it?

      Does anyone here have any idea what technique they could use for these nice animations?