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    Syntax Checking in ActionScript files

      I have been using the FlexBuilder 2 trial and I have noticed that when editing a actionscript stand alone file I can make as many syntax errors as I want and when I save the file it just saves it without listing any problems. Is there no syntax checking when editing ActionScript files?

      Also does anyone know if flexbuilder 2 can be loaded as a plugin into the Eclipse platform? I don't understand why companies keep re-inventing the wheel. I think building the plugins for Eclipse and maybe Intellij would be a better use of Adobe's time. It would allow a developer to use all the features of their development environment when developing Flex Applications.

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          ntsiii Level 3
          Yes, FB2 is available as a plug-in to eclipse.

          I think (I'm a FB2 newbie), that the syntax checking happens only when saving an mxml file when compile-on-save is turned on. If there are AS classes referenced in the mxml file, they will be checked.

          This is just my observation, no real knowledge.