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    6.0.2 reading pixel aspect ratio wrong

    Glitchdog Level 1

      Hey, I'm wondering if this is a bug or just my user error. Here's the scoop. I have a ProRes HQ master that is 1920 x 1080p. When I open it in QT 7 or 10 or VLC it shows the proper aspect ratio. When I open it in Compressor it shows it is square pixels, so 1.00 as it should be. However when I create a project that matches the file in Premiere 6.0.2 and import it appears quite stretched. If I right click and get properties Premiere sees it as 1.333. If I right click and tell Premiere to create a sequence that matches the file it has the same stretched look before/after I drop it into the sequence. Any thoughts?


      OSX Lion, CS6 w/latest updates