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    Open a folder

    Quentin T Level 1
      Hello there!
      I've searched for this all over the web and can't find any answer, either positive or negative, so I'm asking it here.

      Do you know if there's a way to open a folder with the OS's "explorer", such as Finder on Mac or Explorer on Windows? If so, how!
      An other question would be: is it possible to open a file (say, a JPG image) with its associated program (eg. XNView )?

      That'd be very helpful!
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          anirudhs Level 2

          It's not possible to open a folder with the OS's explorer or a program associated with a file in AIR 1.0.

          But you can call navigateToURL() and open the folder using the default browser. Just do something like navigateToURL(new URLRequest("file:///c:/"));
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            Quentin T Level 1
            Yes, OK, that's what I did, but it's kind of buggy: sometimes it opens the file twice, for some users it just won't work...

            And it's quite boring to have a browser open files!
            Anyways, thank you.