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    Snow Accumulating on Text

    Comp. 792

      Hi, I am using AE 5.0 and I need to create snow accumulating on some type like in the link below. I want to use the built in CC Particle World for the snow. As I am new to AE what I am not understanding is how to get the snow to build up or accumulate onto the type like in the example video. It is explained in the forum thread like this:


      The first thing I did was type out my text. Then I selected that text and converted it to masks (you can use auto-trace for other assets). Then I added a vertex or two at the top of each letters and animated them rising up. I pre-composed this animated mask layer and used it to block the snow.


      I still do not know my way around AE that well so if someone could please explain the above explanation in step by step layman terms I would be very grateful.