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    indesign crash on startup creating new document


      hi i am in serious trouble for a while now...

      have searched the forums but there was no solution anywhere for my specific problem.


      if i start indesign it hangs up, first i thought it was because a crashed document wich it trys to recover...


      but i cleared the preferences (shift+ctrl+alt)

      now i managed to get rid of th erecovering file but it still hangs up forever if i create a new document..

      tried deleting the cache, nothing.


      deleted the recovery data from indesign, nothing.


      checked fonts, just systemfonts, no font manager (fontexplorer or any), still nothing.


      deleted indesign defaults, still nothing.


      i haven´t created a crash repot yet will do that next, i am not at the computer at the moment.

      i have running win7 and it is the creativesuite5.


      i am really running out of possibilities my last hope is eventually creating a new user wich i red of in other forums, will try that later...


      i will post the crash repot later but honestl i have no hope to solve that, almost there to set up a complete clean new win.

      thanks anyway