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    Getting fancy with my Stroke and Fill buttons

    Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

      Hello gang,


      I am using Configurator 3.1.1 to build a toolbox. At the center of it I have recreated buttons that represent selecting Stroke and Fill. These are scripted buttons that target stroke and fill.


      I got a bit fancy and decided that when you click on the Stroke and/or Fill buttons, they should also cause the Swatches panel to pop out, so I added this second invoke line to the script:


      app.strokeFillProxySettings.active = StrokeFillProxyOptions.FILL;



      It works!, er, sort of. The problem now is this: When you click on, say, the Stroke button, it activates and the second line of script causes the Swatch panel to pop out. BUT! When you thereafter click the Fill button (which has the same second line of script code) it causes the Swatch panel to GO AWAY. You are forced to click the Fill button twice in order to keep the popup of the Swatch panel invoked into view.


      I wish it would click once, and know to stay popped out onscreen if it is already there popped out on screen.


      Does that make sense? I figure it is one of those IF ELSE kind of scripts, but I'm too newb to grok it.


      Best to you,


      Mike Witherell (with Hurricane Sandy breathing down my neck)